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by the Planning Commission

APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 12 conditions.

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Westmoreland Estates - Revised
20 (Split)



Property Information

Northeast side of Morrell Rd., northwest side of Westland Dr.

Council District 2

9.06 acres

West City

Currently on the Property

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Inside City Limits)

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 12 conditions.
1. Connection to sanitary sewer and meeting any other relevant requirement of the Knox County Health Dept.
2. Provision of street names which are consistent with the Uniform Street Naming and Addressing System within Knoxville (Ord. 0-280-90).
3. Meeting all applicable requirements and obtaining all required permits from the Tenn. Dept. of Environment and Conservation.
4. Note on the final plat the Minimum Floor Elevations for lots 5-10 as determined by the City Engineer.
5. Place notes 9 & 10 from the concept plan on the final plat. These notes deal with access and vegetation preservation.
6. Construction of a 5' wide sidewalk along the full width of the Westland Dr. frontage of this site. This is to be completed within 6 months of the issuance of the first occupancy permit within this development.
7. Prior to final plat approval, establish a homeowners association for the purpose of owning and maintaining the proposed common area.
8. Place a note on the final plat that the designated common area is not a buildable lot.
9. Correct the typical road cross section to meet the requirements of the City of Knoxville.
10.. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knoxville Dept. of Engineering.
11. Meeting all requirements of the Knoxville Zoning Ordinance.
12. A final plat application based on this concept plan will not be accepted for review by the MPC until certification of design plan approval has been submitted to MPC Staff.

Westmoreland Estates, Unit 6, Revised
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Disposition Summary
APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 12 conditions.

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Westmoreland Estates - Revised

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