Design Review Board

Edgewood Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 5-A-22-IH, subject to the following conditions:
1) Revisions to façade and side elevation window placement and design;
2) Final site plan to meet City Engineering standards.

Applicant Request

New Primary Structure

1. The site plan and parking have not been revised since the December 2021 approval. The previous DRB review approved the front setback at 35'-5" at the closest point and the reduced corner side setback of 9'-11.5" with the intent to accommodate the preservation of a large, existing magnolia tree on the right side of the property. The parking also meets Infill Housing design guidelines and has not been revised. Any final modifications to the site plan in permitting should meet City Engineering standards.

2. The previous review noted that the block to receive new construction is characterized by one-story Minimal Traditionals and Craftsman bungalows, with two-story houses on the north end of the block and one in the center of the block. The two-story house was previously approved by the Design Review Board. The overall massing of the house has been reduced; the house now features one-story projecting massings on the front and rear elevations which were originally proposed at two stories tall. The design retains a 1'-10" tall foundation height which is compatible with historic designs.

3. The porch design has not been revised, and continues to meet the depth recommendation of the design guidelines and is compatible on a block with several examples of Minimal Traditional entry stoops.

4. Window placements on all elevations have been modified from the previous proposal. The proposed window and door styles are compatible with historic elements on the block. The previous review noted that while the design guidelines discourage "picture windows" in "pre-World War II neighborhoods," the block features many Minimal Traditional houses which commonly feature picture windows.

Guidelines recommend attention to overall window placement and the ratio of solid to void. On the façade, the smaller second-story window is off center from the otherwise symmetrical façade arrangement and should be modified. The right side may benefit from replacing the picture window (which were typically used only on façade elevations) with another pair of double-hung windows like those immediately above. The left side elevation features three different sizes/forms of windows in an irregular placement. The brick arches and sills do contribute to the overall design.

5. The roof pitch has been modified from a 7/12 hipped roof to a 7/12 side gable roof, with additional complexity via the projecting front-gable massing and the hipped-roof section on the rear. The roof details meet design guidelines.

6. Materials, which meet the design guidelines, have not been modified since the initial revision.

7. The site plan includes the retention of existing trees in the front and rear yard.

Site Info

Revised design for new primary residence fronting Orlando Street. Initial submission was reviewed and approved by the Design Review Board in 2021 (12-A-21-IH). Revised proposal includes modifications to roofline; massings on front and rear elevations; and window placement and designs on front, rear, and side elevations.

The site plan has not been modified from previous review, featuring a front setback of approximately 35'-5" on the left side of the façade, with the primary massing recessed and set 45'-1" from the front property line on the right side. The parking has not been modified, with a 26'-8.5" long by 21' wide concrete parking pad extending off Seymour Avenue.

The two-story house features a 7/12 pitch, side-gable roof clad in dimensional shingles, with gable fields clad in lap siding; an exterior of brick veneer, and a brick foundation.

On the façade, a one-story, front-gable roof massing projects from the left half of the façade (revised from a two-story massing in previous submission), featuring a pair of double-hung, one-over-one, windows. A 9' deep and 8' wide, shed-roof entry stoop supported by a 10" by 10" square column is centered over the door, with a single-light picture window flanked by two double-hung windows on the third bay. Window placement on the right side elevation has been revised. The rear elevation has been revised to feature a one-story, full-length, hipped-roof massing with a secondary entry, and the second story will be clad in lap siding. The left side foundation has been revised to include four differently-sized windows.


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