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1. The landing strip being located on the eastern end of the Stafford property as shown on the development plan.
2. The airstrip being 2000? long, with a 75? clear zone on either side of the centerline of the runway, the runway being a minimum of 50? wide, a 100? clear zone provided at each end of the runway, the runway having a maximum grade of 2% and provision of a 20:1 glide slope at each end of the runway.
3. The runway being limited to a grass surface.
4. Prior to obtaining a grading permit, submit to MPC staff and the Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works a plan prepared by a licensed surveyor which shows the plan and profile of the landing strip along it?s proposed centerline. The survey shall project the centerline of the runway out 1000? from either end to show the elevations of all trees, fences and manmade structures in relation to the 20:1 glide slope.
5. Prior to obtaining a grading permit, submit to the Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works a drainage plan prepared by a registered engineer, that shows all proposed drainage structures and erosion control devices. Erosion control devices must be in place prior to commencing any grading for this airstrip.
6. No more that two single engine airplanes may be located at this facility at any time. These aircraft must be owned by the applicant or other immediate family member residing on the site.
7. Use of this facility is limited to the applicant and any other licensed pilot in the immediate family. No student pilots may use this facility.
8. Flight operations limited to the hours between official sunrise to sunset. Runway lighting and beacons will not be permitted.
9. Any structures constructed in association with this airstrip must be located at least 150? from the centerline of the runway.
10. Fuel storage on the site must meet accepted standards and not be located within a flood prone area.
11. Entering into a legal agreement with Mr. Brown, the adjoining property owner that establishes the applicant?s perpetual right to remove trees and maintain the required clear zone on his property.
12. No commercial operations associated with the landing strip occurring on the site.
13. Meeting all applicable requirements and obtaining all required permits from the Federal Aviation Administration and the Tenn. Dept. of Transportation.
14. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Dept. of Engineering and Public Works.
15. Meeting all applicable requirements of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance.
16. Approval by the Knox County Board of Commissioners.

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North side of Hardin Valley Rd., west of Steele Rd.

Commission District 6

250 acres

Northwest County

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Rural Area

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As a Use On Review case, the Planning Commission's decision is final, and it will not be heard by a legislative body unless it is appealed.
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Because of its location in the County, appeals will be heard by County Commission.
County Commission
September 23, 2002
Appeal by: September 7, 2002

The appeal deadline - September 7, 2002 - has passed.

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Julian Ryan Murphey

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