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Craiglen Individual H Landmark: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 5-G-24-HZ as submitted.

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New addition. L-shaped, one-story addition to extend from the rear of the right (east) side addition, towards the rear (north) side of the property. The main one-story, hipped roof massing is connected to the primary structure via a flat-roof, stucco-clad massing with a centrally located, 12' wide clerestory with metal windows. The addition features a hipped, 6/12 pitch roof clad in terra cotta barrel tiles, an exterior and foundation of stucco to match the primary house, and metal multi-light windows surrounded by stone trim. The roof features a sculpted stucco parapet. Some windows on the rear and side elevations of the addition are round-arched, full-height multi-light metal windows with stone trim; others are full-height rectangular windows with matching finishes.

On the façade, extending from the flat-roof connector portion, ten stone columns will support a timber pergola that extends towards the front of the house. On the rear (north) and left side (west) elevations, multi-light metal doors access a wrap-around deck with decorative stone railings and a stone balustrade.

Scope also includes a new in-ground pool and spa. The pool and spa will be located behind the addition's connector, towards the rear of the property, surrounded by a patio with stone steps and stone balustrades.

Site Info

Mediterranean Revival, c.1926

See attached designation report.

1. Craig Len is an individual historic landmark with a historic zoning overlay. The Mediterranean Revival house was designed by Charles Barber, featuring elaborate landscape design by landscape architect Charles Lester, and constructed in 1926. The property is also associated with East Tennessee's marble industry and its association with John James Craig III, the president of Candoro Marble Factory.

2. The addition is proposed for the rear portion of the right side elevation and extends towards the rear of the property. The addition's placement makes it clearly secondary to the primary structure. The property is heavily landscaped and a one-story garage is located closer to the front property line, in front of the proposed addition, so the addition will be minimally visible from the right-of-way on the front. The new addition will not result in the removal of any character-defining features. Placement of the addition is appropriate.

3. The main massing will be connected to the primary house via a flat-roof connector, which will serve to differentiate the original house from the new construction.

4. The addition is compatible in scale with the primary house, as it is lower in height and smaller in overall massing. The addition uses materials compatible with the primary house, including terra cotta tile roof, the stucco exterior, and the multi-light windows. The windows, doors, and details are proportionate to those on the primary house.


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