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Ft. Sanders NC: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Pending additional discussion by the Historic Zoning Commission on the scale of the proposed dormers, staff recommends approval of Certificate 6-F-24-HZ, subject to the following conditions: 1) reconstructed roof to retain wide eave overhangs and decorative corbel detail of existing roof; 2) final site plan to meet City Plans Review and Inspections and City Engineering standards, avoiding creating new front yard parking unless infeasible due to accessibility requirements.

Applicant Request
Additions; Roofing; Windows
Proposed reconstruction of roofline, addition of dormers, and second-story addition (within existing building footprint), along with exterior rehabilitation.

The existing hipped roof has a 10/12 pitch, measuring approximately 33'-2" to the midpoint of the roof slope, with hipped roof dormers on the front and rear roof slopes. Two smaller hipped-roof massings project to the house's right side, one will be retained in the revised drawings. The roof will be reconstructed, with a 10/12 pitch hipped massing over the original section of the house (similar to the existing) and a new hipped-roof dormer projecting to the rear roof slope. Two new hipped-roof dormers are proposed for both side roof slopes.

Addition to right and rear elevation's second story (on a section currently featuring a low-slope roof, single-story addition): the existing building footprint will be enclosed with the revised rooflines and lap siding.

The project also includes the installation of new double-hung windows in existing fenestrations and the enclosure of window openings on the rear and side elevations. On the façade, a non-historic secondary door on the rightmost bay will be replaced with a double-hung window to match the others. A new secondary door will be installed on the second bay.

CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL PER 7.18.2024 HZC: 1) reconstructed roof to retain wide eave overhangs and decorative corbel detail of existing roof; 2) final site plan to meet City Plans Review and Inspections and City Engineering standards, avoiding creating new front yard parking unless infeasible due to accessibility requirements.

Staff Comments
Queen Anne, c.1905
    2.5-story hipped-roof residence with an exterior of wood lap siding, corbeling detail along the roofline, and a flat-roofed porch with Ionic columns.

1. 1616 Clinch Avenue is a contributing structure to the Fort Sanders National Register Historic District and Neighborhood Conservation overlay. National Register eligibility or contributing status is determined by the State Historic Preservation Office. National Register status, including contributing versus non-contributing status, is not re-evaluated by the SHPO unless there is a precipitating event (like a project with federal funding or federal licensing requiring Section 106 Review).

2. The primary scope of work aims to increase the height and interior capacity of the house's upper level. The previous application proposed to remove and reconstruct the existing roof with one large hipped-roof. The addition will increase the building's height by approximately 11" and the reconstructed roof pitch will remain the same. The drawings indicate the intent to retain and/or reconstruct the corbelling detail underneath the wide eave overhangs; these detail elements should be preserved or replicated.

3. The primary relevant guideline in the Fort Sanders NC Design Guidelines states that "additions should be made to the side or rear of the building." However, dormer additions have been approved in Fort Sanders, both by increasing the size of existing dormers and adding new dormers. The proposed fiber cement shake siding on the new dormers meets the guidelines. The front dormer will be larger in width than the original. The side elevation dormers are also large in scale. The Commission should discuss the scale of the dormer additions.

3. The addition to the second story is proposed for a rear and side corner of the house that currently features a one-story, low-slope roof addition. The addition does not expand the building's footprint. The addition will incorporate materials and roofline details compatible with the overall house. The roofline has been revised from a single large massing to a lower hipped-roof dormer, breaking up the addition into multiple massings.

4. The building's exterior has already received significant modifications, including windows of varying sizes on the secondary elevations, the enclosure of the basement level with non-historic siding, and non-historic additions to the right side and rear. Most of the proposed windows to be enclosed are on secondary elevations and at basement level, and are not character-defining features of the building. On the façade, the proposed window and door modifications relate to non-original elements and will create a more symmetrical façade.

5. Guidelines for parking recommend providing parking access off the alley or a side street, and note that "surface parking area shall always be to the rear of the building." Access from the alley does not appear feasible due to the substantial slope at the rear of the property, the narrow width of the alley, and the placement of the parking garage to the rear. 1610 and 1616 Clinch Avenue already have large gravel surface parking lots between the two houses, and front driveways extend off Clinch Avenue up to 1630 Clinch Avenue. All efforts should be taken to place new parking areas beside or behind the primary building, and avoid the front yard. Final site plan revisions will be necessary based on accessible parking requirements and City Engineering standards. Staff may approve minor revisions to site plans provided they meet the guidelines.

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