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Fourth and Gill H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the following elements: removal of the existing vinyl siding, repair to the existing fascia and soffits, enclosure of the second-story right side massing, and removal of two windows on the first story. Staff recommends denial of the proposed fiber cement lap siding, with wood lap siding to be substituted and denial of the proposed vinyl soffits, with wood soffits to be installed. Staff recommends a revised roofline drawing for the rear elevation, pending Commission input; a railing detail drawing; and the final window specifications, to be submitted to staff for approval. Additional revisions may be necessary related to building code modifications; items not aligning with design guidelines or the HZC review may require further review by the Commission.

Applicant Request
Additions; Architectural feature; Porch; Siding
Exterior rehabilitation to two-story, shed-roof massing on the rear elevation. The existing shed-roof section included a small upper-story porch, enclosed by a vinyl-sided railing and supported by square wood posts, with a small projecting shed roof with exposed rafter tails below, and an enclosed porch section on the first story which projects out over a basement access on the primary house massing. The first story is enclosed with vinyl siding and features four windows on the rear elevation. A fire escape extends from the first story to the ground level.

The applicant has removed the vinyl siding, removed the porch roofing and fascia, removed a section of the roofline between the first and second story, and enclosed some windows. The upper level was reconstructed to create additional interior space on the right side, and create a 4/12 pitch shed roof between the upper and first stories, at a height slightly higher than the existing shed roof. On the first story, two windows will be removed and enclosed with siding.

Scope of work also includes removal of rear roof cladding, removal existing wood fascia and soffit and replacement with vinyl soffits, and the installation of new fiber cement siding. The applicant also proposes to reconstruct the railing on the façade second-story porch, restoring the railing to measure 36" tall.

Staff Comments
Colonial Revival, c.1925
    Two-story, hipped-roof residence with an exterior clad in brick veneer and a two-story, front-gable roof porch supported by brick-clad columns.

1. 916 Luttrell Street is a contributing resource to the Fourth & Gill National Register Historic District and local overlay.

2. Design review is after-the-fact; the work was initiated without HZC review or permits but has not been completed.

3. The multi-story porch/fire escape access/interior space on the rear elevation is not entirely an original element of the house. However, a two-story rear massing with a one-story porch and an exterior stair is visible on the 1950 Sanborn Fire Insurance map. The rear elevation is highly modified and the original configuration is not evident from any visual evidence.

4. As the second-story addition is on the rear and a highly modified elevation of the house, enclosing an additional section of the second story's right side does not detract from the overall character of the house. However, the additional hipped roofline to be added to the right side (labeled as "Z" on the rear elevation drawing and "X" on the side elevation drawing), between the first and second stories, is not compatible with the existing roofline on the left side of the massing and does not appear necessary for the enclosure of the upper story. The half of the existing shed roof with exposed rafter tails has already been removed. The Commission should provide input on the revised rooflines on the various enclosed sections.

5. Fiber cement siding has not typically been approved as a replacement material on original houses, only approved for new additions, new construction, or new secondary structures. Wood lap siding with a 4-5" exposure pattern should be used as the siding material instead of the fiber cement as shown.

6. Vinyl is not an appropriate replacement material for wood within the design guidelines. Wood soffits matching the existing in design and size should be installed instead of vinyl.

7. As the windows proposed for enclosure on the first story are not original elements and not visible from the street, enclosure is appropriate within the design guidelines. The application does not include specifications for proposed new windows. If any new windows are to be installed, final specifications should be submitted to staff for approval and should meet the design guidelines.

8. While restoring a railing to meet building code requirements can be appropriate within the guidelines, especially when the railing may not be original to the structure, a railing detail drawing should be provided to staff for review. The railing should feature balusters set into the top and bottom rails.

9. Additional building code elements may affect the proposed design with regards to the existing fire escape and the square post foundation under the enclosed porches.

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