Concept Plan


Recommended for approval by the Planning Commission

Approve the Concept Plan, subject to six conditions.

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Knoxville Multi-Use Stadium
7 (Split)


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Property Information

400 E. Jackson Ave.

Generally bounded to the north by E. Jackson Ave., to the east by Florida St., on the west by Hall of Fame Dr. & to the south of First Creek

Council District 6

18 acres

Central City

Currently on the Property
Vacant land

Growth Plan

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
1) Submitting to Planning Commission staff prior to final plat review by the Planning Commission, the certification of design plan approval form as required by the Knoxville-Knox County Subdivision Regulations.
2) Implementation of the improvements associated with the Planned Devleopment for this site (Case File #s 9-A-21-PD and 11-A-21-PD).
3) Obtaining all applicable permits from TDOT for any work within the TDOT right-of-way.
4) Meeting all applicable requirements of the City of Knoxville Engineering Department.
5) Provision of street names which are consistent with the Uniform Street Naming and Addressing System.
6) Installation of all sidewalks, walkways and the public plaza as identified on the site plan. A bond shall be provided to the City of Knoxville Engineering Department by the developer in an amount sufficient to guarantee the installation of the sidewalks unless otherwise agreed upon in the development agreement with the City.
Disposition Summary
Approve the Concept Plan, subject to six conditions.

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the City, appeals will be heard by Knox County Chancery Court.
Appeals of Concept Plans and Final Plats are filed with Chancery CourtThe process

Knoxville Multi-Use Stadium

RR Land, LLC

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