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Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 7-A-23-HZ, subject to one condition: 1) new structure to meet relevant standards of City zoning code, including measurements under section 10.3.A, with minor site plan revisions to be approved by staff.

Applicant Request

Accessory structure

New accessory structure. The approximately 40' wide by 18' deep accessory structure features a low-pitch metal roof with pergola roof overhangs on each side. The structure includes space for two parking spots above permeable pavers, a fireplace structure, an EV charging station and beneath the flat roof. round, enclosed structure featuring a garden shed, a small sauna, a shower, and a toilet.

Materials are illustrated on the final sheet of the application. The pergola will extend over permeable pavers; the fireplace will be built of refined/board-formed concrete block. The pergola structure will be built of galvanized steel with a flat/low-pitch metal roof. The cylindrical enclosed structure is proposed to be clad in oil-varnished plywood or corrugated galvanized silver metal. The gates/screens enclosing the pergola and parking spaces are metal sliding screens. The garden will be partially enclosed with an off-white fabric.

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage, c.1910

One-and-one-half-story frame residence with a hipped roof with gables projecting to the front and sides, an exterior of wood lap siding, and a continuous brick foundation. A shed-roof porch supported by square wood post with decorative trim extends the full length of the façade. Fishscale shingles and decorative trim on gable fields. Two itnerior brick chimneys.

1. 424 E. Oklahoma is a contributing resource to the ONK National Register Historic District and the local overlay.

2. The accessory structure is proposed for the rear of the property, recessed to the furthest end of the property line, adjacent to the alley. The property is an interior lot, flanked by houses on both sides, including houses fronting Harvey Street to the northeast. The site slopes down approximately 16'-18' towards the rear of the property line. Due to these factors, the accessory structure will not be visible from E. Oklahoma Ave. Placement of the accessory structure meets the design guidelines.

3. The design guidelines for secondary structures in the ONK overlay are specific and prescriptive, including a list of materials that all secondary structures must utilize. The proposed accessory structure, designed in a distinct contemporary style, does not contain the recommended elements, such as a 12/12 roof pitch or garage doors appearing to be carriage door. An architect-designed secondary structure, intentionally designed for the site, is distinct from a prefabricated shed or simple frame garage, where incorporating a steep roof pitch or carriage-style doors can serve to connect the shed with the house and property. The Commission should discuss the proposal with regards to the guidelines.

4. Along with the site sloping towards the rear property line, the secondary structure has a low-pitch roof and a relatively open design, with only the round massing in the center enclosed, which will significantly reduce the visual impact of the structure.

5. The proposal meets the base zoning (RN-2) requirements for building and impervious surface coverage. The applicant should confirm the secondary structure meets the max. building coverage for a single accessory structure, which is limited to 750 sq. ft. for a lot less than 15,000 sq. ft. Site plan revisions may be required to avoid encroachments into side setbacks; minor revisions may be approved by staff provided the overall design is retained.


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