Historic Zoning Commission

Edgewood-Park City H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends denial of the 5V metal roofing product, which does not meet the design guidelines; staff recommends approval of roof replacement with architectural or asphalt shingles, or a standing-seam metal roof.

Applicant Request
After-the-fact review of roof replacement. Asphalt shingle roof was replaced with a 5V ribbed metal panel roof with exposed fasteners. Roof replacement completed by February 2024 without permits.

Staff Comments
Neoclassical, c.1910
    Two-story, hipped-roof residence with an exterior clad in wood lap siding. Bracketed cornice under primary roof eaves. Wrap-around, hipped-roof porch supported by wood columns with Doric capitals.

1. 1635 Jefferson Ave is a contributing resource to the Park City National Register Historic District and the local overlay.

2. The request for review is after-the-fact; the new roof has already been installed without permits or a COA.

3. Both the adopted and the approved but not yet formally adopted sets of design guidelines for Edgewood-Park City encourage duplicating original materials as much as possible. Related to metal roof products, the older design guidelines recommend standing seam metal or metal shingle roof coverings as replications of the original materials. The new design guidelines note that "corrugated, 5V-groove, or wide sheet metal" products are not appropriate replacement materials.

4. Standing-seam metal roof is a metal roofing product which typically features flat vertical panels joined with concealed fasteners in an interlocking seam. Ribbed metal roofing panels, typically called "5V" to describe the profile of the panels with inverted v's running down the length of each panel, are a contemporary design, often made in a material called Galvalume (a steel-core metal with zinc and aluminum covering). These are secured with screws/fasteners to the roof decking, which are typically left exposed.

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