Street Name Change


Recommended for approval
by the Planning Commission

Approve the name change of Debusk Lane to Frontier House Lane as requested by the Knox County Emergency Communications District.


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Applicant Request

Kingston Pike
the north terminus of Debusk Lane
Proposed Street Name
Frontier House Lane
Reason for Change
The road name "Debusk Lane" is currently used at two different locations within Knox County, which is a significant concern for the Knox County Emergency Communications District (911) due to the potential for delayed emergency services. The location of "Debusk Lane" in Powell will remain as the official street name, consequently the location of "Debusk Lane" in west Knoxville requires a different street name. At 911s request, Planning contacted the owners of the 11 properties abutting Debusk Lane for their opinion on the new street name and responses were received from seven properties. "Frontier House Lane" received six votes and was the preferred name following three rounds of voting.

Property Information

0 Debusk Lane

Commission District 5

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area (Outside City Limits)

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Knox County Commission
August 19, 2024
Appeal by: July 16, 2024
September 16, 2024
Appeal by: August 12, 2024

Brad Anders Knox County Emergency Communications District

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