Special Use


Postponed by the Planning Commission

To Be Heard

August 12, 2021

See case notes below


Property Info

Case Notes

What's next?

Applicant Request


Property Information

0 , 2606 & 2641 Osprey Vista Way and 0, 1548 & 1600 Accelerator Way and 0 & 2704 Cherokee Farm Way and

West side of Alcoa Highway, west of Cherokee Trail

Council District 1

145 acres

South County

Land Use Designation? CI (Civic Institutional) / W (Water) / HP (Hillside Protection) / SP (Stream Protection)

Currently on the Property
P-QP (Public / Quasi Public Land)

Growth Plan

Case Notes

Postpone the request until the August 12, 2021 Planning Commission meeting as requested by the applicant.

The applicant is requesting postponement to allow additional time to consult with staff regarding the sign standards for the research park.

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Planning Commission decisions on Special Use (SU) cases are final unless appealed.

SU cases do not move forward to City Council unless the request is to remove a planned district designation from the zoning map.


John T. Rudolph