Historic Zoning Commission

Mechanicsville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 7-D-24-HZ, subject to the following conditions: 1) applicant to provide clarification on rear elevation elements, with any new windows or doors to be submitted to staff for approval.

Applicant Request
Additions; Doors; Siding; Windows
Reconstruction of existing rear addition. Addition currently measures 6' deep by 22' wide and features a low-slope shed roof, T-111 plywood siding, three vinyl double-hung windows, and a non-historic door. The proposed addition will replicate the same footprint and roof pitch. The addition will feature an asphalt shingle roof and an exterior clad in fiber cement shingle siding, intended to simulate the asbestos shingle siding on the primary house.

CONDITIONS OF APPROVAL PER 7.18.2024 HZC DECISION: 1) applicant to provide clarification on rear elevation elements, with any new windows or doors to be submitted to staff for approval.

Staff Comments
Folk Victorian, c.1890.
    One story frame with asbestos shingle wall covering. Front gable roof with asphalt shingle roof covering. Double hung one over one windows. One story full front and side wrap around porch with turned wood columns, concrete block balustrade. Interior central brick chimney. Brick foundation. Projecting bay on side elevation. Shotgun plan.

1. 1321 Dora Street is a contributing resource to the Mechanicsville National Register Historic District and local overlay.

2. Removal and reconstruction of a deteriorating, non-historic rear addition is appropriate. The house's footprint will not be modified and the addition is compatible with the main house in mass and scale.

3. The floor plan indicates only one existing double-hung window to be retained, while the renderings show three windows. While retaining the existing double-hung window may be appropriate within the guidelines, the applicant should clarify the rear elevation window placement. Any new windows should meet the guidelines and be submitted to staff for approval. If the existing door is not retained, any new doors should be submitted to staff for approval.

4. The design guidelines state that "synthetic siding is inappropriate as replacement siding on existing buildings," and "replacement siding must duplicate the original." The guidelines also state that "if artificial siding is present and must be removed to repair the building structurally, it can be replaced if no more than 25% of the siding is removed. If more than 25% of the artificial siding on any elevation is removed, it cannot be replaced." The siding will be installed for structural purposes, as the structure of the rear elevation will be reconstructed. The siding proposed for replacement includes the entire rear elevation and smaller sections of the side elevations.

5. The primary house is clad in asbestos shingle siding, which is not proposed for replacement at this time. The existing addition is clad in T111 plywood siding and asbestos shingles, which does not meet the guidelines. Recognizing the minor scope of the repairs and the lack of original siding on the building, the installation of a small section of fiber cement siding to reflect the asbestos shingles will not further detract from the house's architectural integrity. Replacement of the existing house's asbestos shingle siding would require further review by the HZC and would need to meet the design guidelines, which call for wood.

Jose Elpidio Aguilar

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