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Brownlow Individual H Landmark: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of the proposed masonry repairs to the chimney, with the condition that the repaired/reconstructed chimney retain the original size, design, and detailing, and all masonry repairs meet the standards of NPS Preservation Brief #2.

Applicant Request
Architectural feature; Masonry repair/painting
Partial removal of chimney stack. Due to cracks in the mortar and bricks and overall masonry deterioration, the applicant proposes partial removal of the chimney stack. Upper section of round brick chimney proposed to be removed to concrete band at upper-midpoint of chimney. Remainder of round brick chimney to be repointed and repaired.

Staff Comments
Neoclassical; c.1913 and 1926
    Two-story, brick masonry school building with a flat roof and parapet walls. The building features limestone quoins, a brick water table, dentiled molding, limestone sills, and decorative keystones; along with double-hung wood windows and three exterior brick chimneys.

1. The Brownlow Elementary School is protected by an individual H landmark overlay, and also frequently assessed as an extension of the Fourth and Gill Historic District.

2. The chimney proposed to be reduced in height is a character-defining feature of the building, with a distinctive height, rounded design, and original materials. The chimney is prominently visible from E. Glenwood Avenue and Luttrell Street.

3. SOI Standards note that "distinctive features ... and construction techniques or examples of craftsmanship that characterize a property will be preserved." Also, "deteriorated historic features [should] be repaired rather than replaced," and when replacement is necessary, the "new feature will match the old in design, color, texture, and where possible, materials."

4. The applicant has submitted photos of extensive cracking and missing mortar on the chimney; extensive repair and reconstruction of the chimney stack is appropriate within the guidelines. The reconstructed chimney should reflect the existing chimney's design (including height), detailing, and material elements; original bricks should be re-used when possible and compatible new bricks and mortar should be used where repair isn't possible. All masonry repairs should be completed according to NPS Preservation Brief #2.

Anthony Anthony Twilla - Brownlow School HOA Brownlow School HOA

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Anthony Anthony Twilla - Brownlow School HOA Brownlow School HOA

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