Concept Plan


Postponed by the Planning Commission

To Be Heard

August 12, 2021

See case notes below


Property Info

Case Notes

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Applicant Request

Capital Drive
4 (Split)

Property Information

9933 & 0 Kingston Pk.

North side of Kingston Pike at Capital Drive

Commission District 3

2.15 acres

Southwest County

Currently on the Property
Retail store, vacant land

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area

Case Notes

Postpone the Concept Plan application until the August 12, 2021, Planning Commission meeting as requested by staff for the reasons listed below.

Staff is recommending postponement of the concept plan to allow the applicant to provide additional details on the concept plan as outlined below.
1) Show all major recommendations of the Capital Drive-Kingston Pike Retail Development Traffic Impact Study (CDM Smith, revised June 21, 2021) on the concept plan (see Exhibit A), including the reconfiguration of the northbound approach on Capital Drive.
2) Correct the right-of-way and curb radii at the intersection of the new road and Kingston Pike. The minimum radii in commercial and industrial zones at intersections is 75-FT, however, this can be reduced to 50-FT with the approval of City or County Engineering. The proposed radii appear to be 25-FT which would require approval of a variance by the Planning Commission.
3) Removal of the westbound acceleration lane for vehicles turning right from the new road onto Kingston Pike.
4) Provide a preliminary detention pond plan for Lot #4 to demonstrate that the modified parking lot for the existing retail store (GemStore) can feasibly remain in compliance with the zoning standards.
5) Show a sidewalk along the Kingston Pike frontages of lots 1 and 4.
6) Provide either a 5-FT sidewalk with a 2-FT planting strip or a 7-FT wide sidewalk along the new road. The proposed sidewalk has a width of 5-FT without the planting strip.

What's next?

After the Planning CommissionAppeals of Concept Plans and Final Plats are filed with Chancery CourtThe process

Patrick Schaad Trustee