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Applicant is seeking a Certificate of Appropriateness for a new 150' Type 1 monopole wireless communications facility in the CB zone at 620 E. Emory Road. Proposed facility is located to the rear (south/southwast) of an existing commercial business (retail garden center) in the CB zone. Proposed lease area is 2,5000 sq. feet and accessible via a 20' wide access and utility easement which extends south/southeast from E. Emory Road. Proposed base station will be enclosed by an 8' tall (max) fence and be surrounded by Green Giant Arborvitae evergreen trees to meet landscaping requirements, with a 12' wide access gate on the north side and a 12' access gate on the west side. The proposed monopole is located in the center of the lease area. Overall lease area contains a proposed 12' x 20' (240 sq. ft.) Verizon lease area, and two additional 15' x 20' (300 sq. ft.) lease areas (for equipment cabinets or shelters) on the south side of the overall area. The 150' tall type 1 monopole tower has an engineered fall radius at 45'. The tower will incorporate one array of Verizon antennas at 130', with capacity for two additional arrays at 140' and 150'.

Property Information

620 E. Emory Rd.

South side of E. Emory Road, between I-75 and Dry Gap Pike

Commission District 7

2.07 acres

North County

Currently on the Property
Commercial (Retail garden ccenter)

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