Design Review Board

Level 2: Addition to an existing building/structure


Staff Recommendation for Level 2: Addition to an existing building/structure

Staff recommends APPROVAL of Certificate 8-B-22-DT.

Applicant Request

New rooftop addition on the west side (rear) of an existing three-story building. The proposed is approximately 850 sq. ft., located on the rear left (southwest) corner of the existing structure. The addition will be clad in stucco with a low-slope metal roof, metal fascia and trim, and new gutters. Storefront entry doors provide transparency on one corner.

Window replacement: all existing windows proposed to be replaced with one-over-one, double-hung, windows (wood interior, fiberglass-clad on exterior). On the rear (west) elevation, the center window on the third story is proposed to be removed and enclosed with brick to match the existing. The rightmost window on the first story will be partially enclosed with brick.

Site Info

713 Market Street is a contributing resource to the South Market Historic District, so the Historic Resources section of the guidelines applies. As Market Street is narrow in width and the rooftop addition is proposed for the rear corner of the building, the rooftop addition will not be easily visible from the adjoining street. The rooftop addition does not require removal or modification of character-defining features, and is modest in design and scope, with a low-slope shed roof with few exterior details. While it will be visible from the parking lot to the rear, it will not detract from the overall integrity of the building.

Per the architectural description in the National Register of Historic Places nomination, all of the original windows have previously been replaced with metal-clad, one-over-one, double-hung windows. The proposed window replacement will not result in the removal of historic features. The DRB has previously approved clad windows as replacements on historic buildings. The overall size, operation, muntin arrangements, and profiles of the replacement windows should reflect those of original windows. The enclosure of one third-story, rear elevation window does not detract from the overall building's design.


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