Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation for Level 1: Sign

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 8-D-22-DT, subject to two conditions: 1) meeting all applicable requirements of the City Sign code; 2) applicant submit a revised illumination plan to staff, limiting the illumination to push-through graphics or letters or using a fully opaque background so illumination is limited to those areas.

Applicant Request

New illuminated projecting sign. Rectangular sign to measure 42" by 28", with the bottom of the sign to be 96" over the sidewalk. Illumination on the sign is proposed to be double-sided LED illumination through the entire sign face, with a white background and vinyl graphics.

Site Info

123 S. Central Street is a contributing structure to the Southern Terminal and Warehouse Historic District, so the Historic Resources section of the guidelines (incorporated into the Warehouse District sign guidelines). At 10.67 square feet, the proposed sign is not significantly larger than the recommended 9 square feet maximum.

Guidelines for historic resources note "do not light signs internally." However, internal illumination has been approved by the DRB on a case-by-case basis, approving when illumination is limited to push-through graphics and letters instead of back-lighting the entire sign. For this sign, the white background would contribute additional brightness to the illumination.


Allen Sign Co.

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Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
123 S. Central St.

Boyds Group Properties, LLC