Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation for Level 1: Sign

Staff recommends APPROVAL of Certificate 8-G-22-HZ, subject to the condition 1) the proposal meet the relevant standards of the City sign code, including 13.9.F.

Applicant Request

New illuminated projecting sign and new illuminated wall sign. Projecting rectangular sign to measure 54" by 24" (9 sq ft), with the bottom of the sign at 8' over the sidewalk. The sign features a routed black aluminum face with white letters, and is internally lit via white LED. The wall sign is proposed for the painted brick area above the cast iron beam framing the storefront, and below the second-story windows. The wall sign measures 181.5" long by approximately 18" tall and features internally illuminated, white acrylic letters fixed on a bar painted to match the building.

Site Info

716 S. Gay Street, while a historic building, is not listed on the NRHP so the Historic Resources section of the guidelines does not apply.

The proposed sign forms (a wall sign above the first story, mounted flush to the building façade) and a projecting sign (9 square feet, maximum) meet the design guidelines for recommended signs. City sign code (13.9.F) limits a building's allotted signage to 10% or less of the wall area of the primary building elevation. The applicant should verify the proposal meets these restrictions. The support for the channel letter wall sign should be installed to have a minimal effect on the exterior masonry, or the sign could be relocated to the metal beam below.


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