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North County Sector Plan Amendment


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DENY Commercial

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Property Information

9110 Maynardville Pike

East side Maynardville Pike, south side Copper Valley Rd.

Commission District 8

5.40 acres

North County

Currently on the Property
Vacant land

Growth Plan
Rural Area

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
POSTPONE to the September 13, 2001 meeting.
This site has considerable slope (41% in the southern portion) which is not suitable for commercial development because of the amount of grading that would be required to prepare the site for the proposed building. (See attached topographic map.) The more level part of the site to the north has a utility power line easement crossing it and cannot be developed with a structure. This site and the surrounding property are proposed for rural residential use and slope protection by the North County Sector Plan, reflecting the surrounding development pattern and environmental constraints.
Disposition Summary
DENY Commercial

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Thomas L. Hill

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