Design Review Board

Level 1: Sign


Staff Recommendation for Level 1: Sign

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 9-A-23-DT as submitted.

Applicant Request

Two new face-lit channel letter signs measuring approximately 7'-11" wide by 3'-8" tall (approximately 29 square feet) and 5" deep. One sign is proposed to be mounted on the exterior of the building on the 16th floor of the east elevation. An identical sign is proposed to be mounted on the 19th floor of the west elevation. Lettering is internally illuminated and will appear red in color.

Site Info

Illuminated signs require review by the Design Review Board. While the proposed signs are larger than the 9 square feet recommended for the Grid District, the district's guidelines are focused on pedestrian-friendly signage on buildings smaller in size than a non-historic tall building. The proposed signs are proportionate to the knee walls on which they'll be placed and the internal illumination is limited to the individual letters.


Amy Shelby Sycamore Sign and Crane/Valley Signs and Surveys

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