Design Review Board

Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure


Staff Recommendation for Level 1: Minor alteration of an existing building/structure

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 9-B-23-DT, omitting the proposed replacement of the fixed storefront windows with double-hung windows; storefront windows should remain the same design, operation, and glass size as existing.

Applicant Request

Exterior rehabilitation focused on ground floor of façade and south elevation. Scope of work includes the removal of existing fixed storefront windows and installation of new, operable, double-hung windows in existing fenestrations. The existing entry will be reconfigured; the paired, full-light doors and transom will be removed, and a new, full-height door will be installed. The sidelights will be reduced in size and engaged pilasters will flank the centrally-located door. Scope of work also includes replacement of the existing patio railing, which is outside the purview of the DRB.

Site Info

Guidelines for historic buildings recommend replicating original windows' design, operation, and glass size. While the overall relationship of solids to voids and transparency patterns are retained, as the existing window openings will be used, the proposed change to double-hung windows does not replicate original storefront windows, which are typically fixed, single-light panes. The proposed replacement with double-hung windows does not meet the design guidelines.

The replacement of the paired double doors with a single full-light door and wider pilasters does not negatively affect the overall transparency pattern of the ground floor.

Signage should be submitted to the DRB as a separate packet.


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