Historic Zoning Commission

Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 9-B-23-HZ, subject to the following conditiosn: 1) applicant to submit railing detail to staff for approval; 2) final site plan to show deck meeting all relevant elements of base zoning code.

Applicant Request


Removal of existing rear deck and construction of new rear deck. New deck measures 296 sq. ft, extending the length of the rear elevation, with a 13' wide by 14' deep section on the left (northeast) side of the rear elevation and a 19' wide by 6' deep section on the right side. Approximately 8.5' wide stairs will extend to the ground level. Applicant proposes to use a composite material for decking: Voyage decking by Deckorators. The product is a mineral-based composite material with a "fiber-like structure similar to wood," that is available in multiple widths and finishes. The deck will feature a 36" tall railing with vertical pickets and larger square posts.

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage

One-and-one-half-story, frame residence with a hipped-roof with projecting gables, an exterior of wood lap siding, and a brick foundation. Partial-width front porch with an engaged gable with full cornice returns.

1. 1339 Grainger Avenue is a contributing resource to the Old North Knoxville local overlay.

2. The proposed work, a new rear deck, is located on the rear of the house and will be very minimally visible from the right-of-way, if visible at all. The new deck's placement will not affect any character-defining features of the house. Placement of the deck is appropriate. The applicant should submit a site plan showing setbacks from the property lines, to ensure the deck meets the base zoning.

3. Composite flooring materials have been approved for rear elevation decks in Old North Knoxville in the past, including at 510 E. Scott (4-B-21-HZ). While a faux-wood element would not be appropriate on a front porch, an original rear porch, or a more visible deck element, similar finishes have been previously approved for new rear decks in the neighborhood.

4. The applicant should submit a final drawing or photo of proposed railing to staff for approval.


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J. Ashley J. Ashley Burrell