Design Review Board

Oakwood/Lincoln Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Applicant Request

New Primary Structure

1. The front porch is proposed to be set 21' from the front property line. The average front setback of the block is 18.8'. The adjacent houses are set 21' and 27' from the front property line. The new house will maintain a consistent front yard space with the block.

2. The block to receive new construction is characterized by shotgun houses, Queen Anne cottages, and modified Craftsman bungalows. The house is relatively narrow in proportion to the lot but reflects the width of five shotgun houses on the street. The side yard setbacks are consistent with the block.

3. The proposed parking meets Infill Housing guidelines as it's located to the rear of the house and accessed from the alley. Final site plan revisions may be necessary to meet City Engineering standards.

4. The two-story, two-bay house is narrow but compatible with the multiple shotgun houses on the block, which also have very narrow façade elevations. The additional height from a second story is not disproportionate to the context. As depicted, the foundation height is compatible with the neighborhood context.

5. The house features a 6' deep front porch, which should be increased to at least 8' to meet the design guidelines. The 8 by 8 columns and horizontal header add detail to the porch design. The engaged gable on the front porch should be included in the final construction. If the front porch is constructed on an open foundation, the lattice or another siding method should be included to avoid an open deck look.

6. Guidelines recommend window and door styles be similar, with similar proportions and ratio of solid to void, to historic houses on the block. At least one additional window should be added to the left side elevation to reduce the large swath of siding with no transparency. The frontmost windows on the right side elevation should be double-hung windows instead of transoms.

7. The proposed 10/12 pitch roof meets the design guidelines. The final construction should incorporate the rake mold and eave overhangs as drawn.

8. The application does not include information on siding or roofing materials. If vinyl siding is used, the siding should feature an overlap instead of Dutch lap or flush panel siding. The CMU foundation should be clad in stucco or brick.

9. The final site plan should include one new native or naturalized shade tree to be planted in the front and rear yards.

Site Info

New primary residence fronting Oldham Avenue. Two story residence with a front gable roof (10/12 pitch), with a shed-roof massing extending the full length of the façade. Roof, siding, and window materials are unspecified. The house measures 40' long by 16' wide (20' wide with a 4' massing recessed towards the rear). The house is proposed to be set 21' from the front property line. Parking is located at the rear, accessed from the alley, featuring an 18' wide concrete drive.

The façade (north) features a 6' deep projecting porch, supported by three 8x8 square columns, extending the full width of the structure. The porch features a shed roof (4/12 pitch) with an engaged gable located on the right side over the door. On the first story, the first two bays are paired 1/1 double hung windows, followed by a full-light door with a transom. Paired 1/1 double hung windows are centrally located on the second story of the façade. A 1/1 double hung window is also visible on the recessed massing which extends from the right side of the house, approximately 12' behind the façade.

The left elevation features a secondary opening to a small porch. One 1/1 double hung window is located on this elevation. The right elevation features a one-story, massing projecting from the center of the elevation, featuring a transom window. The rear elevation has two 1/1 double hung windows on the first story and one pair of 1/1 double hung windows on the second story.


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