by the Planning Commission

Approve CA (General Business) zoning, subject to two conditions.

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Property Information

7508 Tazewell Pike

East side of Tazewell Pike due north of E. Emory Road

Commission District 8
Census Tract 64.02

0.90 acres

Northeast County

Land Use Designation? MU-SD NECO-1, Mixed Use-Special District, Northeast County 1

Currently on the Property
Single family residential; one home sits vacant on the property

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area

Case Notes

Approve CA (General Business) zoning, subject to two conditions.

Staff recommends approval of the requested CA (General Business) zoning subject to two conditions - that a "Type A" landscaping screen, as found in the Landscaping Screening Design Guidelines, be installed along any shared boundaries with residential zoning, and that sidewalks be installed at the front of this property since it is in the School Parental Responsibility Zone.

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the County, it will be heard by Knox County Commission.

Dustin Latham / Integration Technology, LLC