Recommended for approval by the Planning Commission

Approve C-2 (Central Business District) zoning.

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Property Info

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Property Information

210 E. Jackson Avenue

The Warehouse District of the Old City, south of the intersection of E. Jackson Avenue and Morgan Street

Council District 6
Census Tract 1

0.75 acres

Central City

Land Use Designation? MU-SD/MU-CC3 (Mixed Use Special District, Central City 3)

Currently on the Property
Vacant; former buildings demolished, foundations remain

Growth Plan
Planned Growth Area

Case Notes

Approve C-2 (Central Business District) zoning.

Staff recommends approval of the requested C-2 (Central Business District) zoning since it is consistent with the Central City Sector Plan and the majority of parcels in The Old City are likewise zoned C-2.

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
Because of its location in the City, it will be heard by Knoxville City Council.

Nick Patel / TCH Knoxville, LLC