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Old North Knoxville H: Level II


Staff Recommendation for Porch repair

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 9-E-23-HZ, subject to the following conditions: 1) replacement columns to be 12-inch, tapered, round, and fluted, with a final specification sheet submitted to staff for approval; 2) capitals to reflect the Scamozzi design option, to better reflect the original capital design.

Applicant Request


Request for alternative materials: applicant received approval in June 2023 to replace existing fluted wood columns, non-original capitals, and bases on front and side porch, which were extremely deteriorated from wood rot. June 2023 COA approved replacement columns in wood ["new 12-inch (before taper) fluted wood columns with square bases, capitals, and detailing to match the existing dimensions and placement (including two sets of three adjoining columns on the façade)"]. Applicant is proposing new round, fluted, fiberglass columns (PermaCast brand).

Site Info

Queen Anne with Neoclassical influence, c.1915

Two-story frame residence with a hipped roof clad in asphalt shingles, brick veneer cladding on the first story, and wood shingles on the second story, and a brick foundation.

1. 219 W. Glenwood Ave is a contributing resource to the ONK National Register Historic District and local overlay.

2. Fiberglass (or fiber-reinforced polymer composite) columns have been approved in Old North Knoxville and Fourth & Gill in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2020. The 2012 approval at 230 E. Oklahoma states that while no substitute material can adequately replicate the unique texture of wood, the "painted surface of a composite column is more difficult to discern from the painted surface of a new wood column," and new wood columns lack the patina of sanding, layers of paint, etc. The 2012 approval notes that "new wood or new composite columns would be equally devoid of texture and 'new' in appearance." The 2013 approval at 229. E. Scott (for columns on a new garage) notes that "fiberglass column, capitals, and bases do not significantly differ in appearance from that of wood."

3. The applicant has submitted specs for "10-inch, Round-No Taper PermaCast Columns" but describes a tapered column on the application form. The final columns should match the originals, as 12-inch, tapered, fluted round columns; applicant should submit final spec sheet to confirm.

4. The current square wood capitals are not original to the building; the National Register nomination describes Ionic capitals and photos from the overlay's creation (approximately c.1990) show the curved Ionic columns. HB&G, the manufacturer of PermaCast columns, has multiple options for decorative capitals, including the Scamozzi capital which better matches the design of the original. The applicant should utilize the "Scamozzi" capital option.


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