Plan Amendments

One Year Plan

Before certain rezoning requests within the Knoxville city limits can be considered, the property owner must file an application to amend the city’s One Year Plan. Updated every spring, this plan reflects Knoxville’s growth patterns and changing community needs, and serves as the foundation for all city property zoning.

There are 16 general land use classifications defined in the One Year Plan. Each classification has a range of zones permitted. The Metropolitan Planning Commission and the City Council use the One Year Plan as the primary guide to evaluate all individual rezoning requests.

Although the Planning Commission meets monthly, it considers requests to amend the One Year Plan only four times a year—in January, April, July, and October. The Planning Commission may recommend that the City Council approve an amendment request under the following circumstances:

  1. When a public policy has been changed (as the result of a neighborhood forum, for example)
  2. When the development pattern of an area has changed significantly
  3. When new information relating to land use and development becomes available
  4. When an error in the plan is identified

To request an amendment to the One Year Plan, the property owner must file an application with Planning and pay a fee at least 30 days before the Planning Commission is scheduled to hear the request.

If the amendment is approved by the Planning Commission and City Council, the property owner then can file an application for rezoning.

If the amendment is denied by the Planning Commission or City Council, the rezoning request cannot be considered.

Applications for both a One Year Plan amendment and a zoning change may be filed simultaneously, but this can be costly if the amendment request is denied. Usually it’s best to file one application at a time. If a One Year Plan amendment is denied, then the accompanying rezoning cannot be approved.

Sector Plans

There is no One Year Plan for property in the county; zoning decisions primarily are based on sector plans. The city and county are divided into 12 sectors for long-range planning purposes. Sector plans are updated every five years and provide guidelines for area developments and improvements for the next 15 years. In some situations involving requests for large-scale developments or non-residential uses, an amendment to one of the county’s sector plans may be required. There also are some situations in the city where a sector plan amendment is required before a One Year Plan amendment can be considered.

Sector plan amendments may be considered at any monthly meeting of the Planning Commission. Planning staff will help a property owner decide if this type of amendment would be beneficial for a particular rezoning request.

See also information on Fee Schedules and Application Deadlines and The Appeals Process.