Edgewood-Park City

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Design Guidelines


An update to the Edgewood-Park City Design Guidelines is underway.

The historic overlay was designated for the neighborhood in 1997, and the current Edgewood-Park City Design Guidelines date to the same year. The official boundaries can be seen in the map below.

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The last twenty-five years have seen major advances in construction materials and preservation best practices, along with Edgewood-Park City’s increasing popularity. Updated design guidelines for the neighborhood have been in progress since 2014, when Planning received a grant from the Tennessee Historical Commission to revise guidelines for multiple districts. The design guidelines were further refined during an effort to expand the historic overlay boundaries, which was ultimately tabled in 2017. Recently, an increase in new construction projects within the overlay has emphasized the challenges posed by evaluating current work by 1997’s standards. This project aims to adopt the revised design guidelines so rehabilitation and new construction in Edgewood-Park City are reviewed to contemporary standards, incorporating the present-day neighborhood’s input and preferences. 


Project Timeline

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