City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

City of Knoxville

Neighborhood Commercial (C-N)

The C-N Neighborhood Commercial Zoning District is intended to provide for an environment of integrated residential development and small-scale commercial and service uses, predominantly serving nearby residential neighborhoods. Low- intensity mixed-use is encouraged within the C-N District, with dwellings permitted above the ground floor, as well as multi-family and townhouse development located alongside select commercial uses.

City Zoning Districts
Location Criteria
Permitted Zones

Community Commercial

This land use includes retail and service-oriented development, including shops, restaurants, and what has come to be known as "big box" retail stores; typical service area includes 20,000 to 30,000 residents. Community commercial uses may also be considered within community centers (see Mixed Use and Special Districts).
  • Locate at intersection of arterial streets
    Sites should be relatively flat (under 10 percent slope) and with enough depth to support shopping center and ancillary development.
    Vehicular and pedestrian connections should be accommodated between different components of the district (e.g. between stores, parking areas and out-parcel development)
    Infrastructure should include adequate water and sewer services, and major arterial highway access
O, C-N, C-G, C-H

Mixed Use Neighborhood Center

These are the least intense of the proposed mixed use districts. Locations at the intersection of a local street and thoroughfare are generally most appropriate. The surrounding land uses should primarily be planned for low or medium density residential. The buildings of these centers should be designed with a residential character and scale to serve as a complement to the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Flat terrain (slopes generally less than 10 percent)
    Currently served by or planned to be served by sidewalks
    The location does not include auto and truck- oriented uses such as industrial, strip commercial and warehouse / distribution uses unless the proposal calls for a redevelopment of such areas
    At the intersection of a local street and throughfare
    Next to low or medium density residential
O, C-N

Neighborhood Commercial

This classification includes retail and service- oriented commercial uses intended to provide goods and services that serve the day-to-day needs of households, within a walking or short driving distance. Neighborhood commercial uses may also be accommodated within neighborhood centers (see Mixed Use and Special Districts).
  • Generally located at intersections of collectors or arterial streets at the edge of or central to a neighborhood
    New NC should not be zoned for or developed within 1/2 mile of existing commercial that features sales of day-to-day goods and services
    Automobile-oriented uses (e.g. gas stations or convenience stores) should be located on arterial street at the edge of neighborhood