City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

City of Knoxville

Hillside Protection Overlay (HP)

The HP District is intended to protect Knoxville?s significant natural topographic features, and to prevent potential serious consequences from hillside development, such as increased erosion, fire, or flood hazards, and property damage.

City Zoning Districts
Location Criteria
Recommended Zoning By Growth Plan Area
One Year Plan Permitted Zones

Hillside Protection

This classification is used to identify hillsides, ridges and similar features that have a slope of 15 percent or more. Open space, recreation land or very low density housing (one dwelling unit per two acres) is recommended for slopes exceeding 25 percent. For slopes of 15 to 25 percent, housing densities should not exceed 2 dus/ac). Office uses may also be considered. Building height should not exceed 35 feet.
  • Hillsides greater than 15 percent slope
Applies to all; HP Overlay
Applies to all; HP Overlay