City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

City of Knoxville

Single-Family Residential Neighborhood (RN-2)

The RN-2 Single-Family Residential Neighborhood Zoning District is intended to accommodate low density single- family residential development on relatively small lots with smaller setbacks within the City of Knoxville. Two-family dwellings may also be allowed by special use approval. Limited nonresidential uses that are compatible with the character of the district may also be permitted.

City Zoning Districts
Location Criteria
Recommended Zoning By Growth Plan Area
One Year Plan Permitted Zones

Low Density Residential

This type of land use is primarily residential in character at densities of less than six (6) dwelling units per acre (city) and less than five (5) dwelling units per acre (county). Conventional post-1950 residential development (i.e. large-lot, low-density subdivisions) and attached condominiums are typical.
  • Land served by water and sewer utilities and by collector roads
  • Slopes less than 25 percent
AG, RN-1, EN, RN-2
AG, RN-1, EN, RN-2

Traditional Neighborhood Development

This land use is primarily residential and is characterized by neighborhoods where a mix of detached and attached houses, sidewalks, smaller lots and alleys have typically been or are to be created.
  • Neighborhoods where lots are typically less than 50 feet wide, and usually have sidewalks and alleys. This area isessentially the 19th and early 20th century grid street neighborhoods of Knoxville.
  • Urban Growth Area or Planned Growth Areas where neighborhood orcommunity mixed use development is identified (see Mixed Use and Special Districts section)
RN-1, RN-2, RN-3, RN-4
RN-1, RN-2, RN-3, RN-4