City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

City of Knoxville

General Residential Neighborhood (RN-5)

The RN-5 General Residential Neighborhood Zoning District is intended to accommodate medium density residential neighborhoods in the City of Knoxville comprising a heterogeneous mix of single-family, two-family, townhouse, and multifamily dwellings. The RN-5 District may also serve as a functional transition between traditionally single-family and two family residential neighborhoods within the City, and more intensely developed residential or commercial areas. Limited nonresidential uses that are compatible with the character of the district may also be permitted.

City Zoning Districts
Location Criteria
Permitted Zones

High Density Residential

This land use is primarily characterized by apartment and/or mixed use development at densities greater than 24 dwelling units per acre.
  • On major collector and arterial streets, adjacent to regional shopping and major office districts (office sites allowing four or more stories); these sites must be identified in sector or small area plans
    Within the CBD or its adjacent areas, such as portions of the Morningside community
    Relatively flat sites (less than 10 percent slopes)
    Along corridors with transit and sidewalks
RN-1, RN-2, RN-3, RN-4, RN-5, RN-6, RN-7, DK

Medium Density Residential / Office

Office and medium residential uses typically have similar development characteristics: scale of buildings, areas devoted to parking, yard spaces and location requirements (on arterials/ collectors). These uses provide a buffer to low density residential areas, particularly when located adjacent to an arterial/collector or as a transition between commercial uses and a neighborhood.
  • Near community activity centers, including uses such as schools and colleges, parks, and community commercial/office nodes
    As transitional areas between commercial development and low density residential neighborhoods
    Site with less than 15 percent slopes
    Along or near corridors that are served by or proposed to be served by transit, with densities proposed to be above 12 dwelling units per acre and to be served by sidewalks
RN-1, RN-2, RN-3, RN-4, RN-5, RN-6, O

South Waterfront Mixed Use District Type 2

This district allows for diverse uses and range of development intensities and forms. Zoning is limited to districts which require special use approval.
  • Case-by-case analysis is recommended.
RN-1, RN-2, RN-3, RN-4, RN-5, O, C-G, I-MU, I-G