City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

City of Knoxville

South Waterfront (SW)

The South Waterfront District carries out the policies of the South Waterfront Vision Plan by regulating development and land uses within the City?s designated South Waterfront, consistent with the Vision Plan.

City Zoning Districts
Location Criteria
Recommended Zoning By Growth Plan Area
One Year Plan Permitted Zones

Mixed Use Urban Corridor

Several street corridors within the city have potential for redevelopment with a mix of retail, restaurants, office and residential uses.

Commercial cores should be created at points (nodes) along these corridors, allowing a vertical mix of uses (for example, shops at ground level and apartments above); such nodes should not be more than four blocks long.
  • Corridors should have sidewalks, transit services, street trees and related beautification
  • Capable of sustaining on-street parking along corridor or along side streets
C-G, C-H, I-MU, DK, SW, CU
City of Knoxville Zones:
C-G, C-H, I-MU, DK, SW, CU