City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

Knox County

Business and Technology Park (BP)

This zoning district is intended to provide for a wide range of land uses which are generally categorized in business, industrial and/or office classifications of use, whether in the public or private sectors. The permitted land uses are intended to include those businesses which require building spaces characterized by offices, research and development, manufacturing, and/or combinations of such uses. The permitted uses include, but are not limited to, those which reflect particular emphasis on scientific and engineering applications in product and/or process. The on-site and off-site impacts of such uses are typically similar in kind and degree to such uses located within other zoning districts which allow such uses. Potential impacts are addressed within this district through site-specific planning and design, consistent with the regulations contained herein specific to, but not limited to: area requirements, maximum lot coverage and building height limits, landscaping, utilities, signs, and off-street parking regulations. The intended and desired effect of the site regulations is to create an attractive park-like setting for the businesses which locate within the park. The planning and design for the park is intended to accomplish an aesthetic environment which is complementary to site features and the surrounding environment. Site features and infrastructure are to be consistent with the park-like design theme. The BP, Business and Technology Park, zoning district shall be located only within the designated TO, Technology Overlay Zone, subject to the jurisdiction and development review of the Tennessee Technology Corridor Development Authority or its successor, and the metropolitan planning commission.

City Zoning Districts
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Technology Park

This land use primarily includes offices and research and development facilities. The

target area for such development has been the Pellissippi Technology Corridor. Additional districts could be created in other areas of the city or county. The development standards that are adopted by the Tennessee Technology Corridor Development Authority should be used for such districts.
  • Within the Technology Corridor or subsequent areas designated for Technology Park development
  • Sites near freeway interchanges or along major arterials
  • Water, sewer and natural gas utilities available