Sectors and Sector Plans

What are Sectors?

There are 12 sectors, or geographic areas, that are within Knox County and defined for planning purposes. Those areas include the City of Knoxville, Town of Farragut, and unincorporated Knox County, though they do not strictly adhere to city and town limits.

What are Sector Plans?

Sector Plans apply only to the City of Knoxville, while Knox County and the Town of Farragut use separate Comprehensive Plans. Sector Plans are components of the General Plan. As a first step in the planning process, Planning staff consider background information about the sector, including environmental resources, land use, population, transportation, community facilities, and utilities. In recent years, this background information has been shared and regularly updated in Panorama, an interactive tool that provides an in-depth look at the people and places of Knox County.

With public and stakeholder input, Planning staff then drafts a conceptual 15-year plan that includes goals, policies, and proposals to guide the sector's growth. The focus of that plan is physical development; consequently, land use, transportation and community facilities are its key elements.

The adopted plan is used on a monthly basis by the Planning Commission as the guide to zoning and subdivision decisions. A five-year improvement program is also prepared, outlining projects to improve roads, parks, schools, and other facilities.

Land Use Classifications

Planning uses a standard land use classification table for city sectors. The table includes descriptions, location criteria, and recommended zoning for each proposed land use classification.

The districts described at the link below are used by the Planning Commission and City Council for decision-making with regard to development and land use (including rezonings and plan amendments)

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Questions about sector plans can be directed to Planning Services staff at 865-215-2500