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1. Waiver to allow a high number of retaining walls measuring over 900 linear feet (1.12.1.B).
2. Waiver to allow a retaining wall between the building and the street (1.12.1.B).
3. Waiver to allow an alternative retaining wall design without meeting the HP requirements (1.12.1.B).
4. Waiver to allow new development on slopes in excess of 25% (
5. Waiver to allow disturbance of slopes of 25% or greater (1.5.4 and 1.12.4.B), and to allow parking lot grading to occur on land with slopes of 25% or greater (1.12.C).
6. Waiver to increase the maximum allowed GAC within HP areas from 17,000 square feet to 31,000 sq ft (1.12.2.B).
7. Waiver to increase the allowed FAR within HP areas to 33.89% or waive the HP requirement (1.12.2.C).
8. Waiver to allow the standard IAR in lieu of the IAR requirement in HP areas (1.12.2.D).
9. Waiver to increase the allowable amount of area devoted to roadways and driveways from 50% to 71.82% (1.12.5.B).
10. Waiver to increase the allowable footcandles to 1.8 fc within 20 ft of a residential zone (1.8.5.E).
11. Waiver to increase the allowable footcandles to 1.9 fc within 20 ft of non-residential zoning other than PC (1.8.5.F).
12. Waiver to reduce the number of parking spaces required to 92 spaces.

Property Information

0 multiple addresses; see list provided with application

East side of Lovell Rd, north of High Meadow Dr, east of Lovell Rd, south of Bob Gray Rd

Commission District 6

7.77 acres

Northwest County

Land Use Designation? MU-SD, NWCO-4

Currently on the Property
Vacant land

Case Notes


Staff recommends the following actions on the required waivers from the Design Guidelines:
1) Staff supports some of the waivers listed above, most of which are consistent with waivers the Board considers fairly regularly for other waiver requests. These waivers are:
a) Waiver 2 to allow a retaining wall between the building and the street (1.12.1.B)
b) Waiver 7 to increase the FAR by 3.89% since it is a minimal increase and since meeting this metric tends to facilitate plans that build outward versus up, and less land disturbance is preferred.
c) Waiver 10 to increase the allowable lighting levels to 1.8 footcandles (fc) since the photometric plan does not take into account the landscape buffer or the 8-ft high fence and the lighting levels at the lot line will be less than shown on the plans.
d) Waiver 11 to increase the allowable lighting levels to 1.9 for the same reason as stated above.
e) Waiver 12 to reduce the required parking spaces below that required by the TTCDA Guidelines, though staff recommends an even lower number than that proposed in the site plans. This will likely warrant further discussion by the board.

Staff does not support waivers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 9, and recommends denial of said waivers. These waiver requests will warrant further discussion at the meeting.

Staff recommends approval of this request for a Certificate of Appropriateness for a building permit, subject to ten conditions:
1) Approval of a final plat combining the properties prior to applying for permits.
2) Any mechanical equipment installed shall be screened to meet the requirements of the TTCDA. No mechanical equipment is currently shown on the plans.
3) Meeting all conditions of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance, specifically pertaining to Section 4.93, Standards for Self-Service Storage Facilities.
4) Meeting all other applicable conditions of the Knox County Zoning Ordinance.
5) Planting of additional evergreens to the landscaping along the right-of-way to provide screening during winter months.
6) Installation of all landscaping as shown on the development plan within six months of the issuance of an occupancy permit, or posting a bond with the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works to guarantee such installation.
7) Meeting the requirements of the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works.
8) Coming into compliance with Section 1.12 of the TTCDA Guidelines pertaining to the HP area.
9) Meeting other conditions as may be prescribed by the TTCDA.
10) Obtaining Planning Commission approval of the use on review case associated with this request (Case 1-C-22-UR).


Ben Mullins