Design Review Board

Oakwood/Lincoln Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of Certificate 1-C-24-IH, subject to the following conditions: 1) final site plan to meet City Engineering standards; 2) final site plan to incorporate a walkway to the sidewalk and native or naturalized shade trees in front and rear yards; and 3) foundation to be clad in stucco or parge coat and compatible in height with surrounding context.

Applicant Request

New Primary Structure

1. The house is proposed to be set 25' from the front property line. The average of the blockface is 25.3', with adjacent houses set 23' and 29 from the front property line. The house's placement will be compatible with the block. The house's side setbacks, at 7' and 7.5', will be compatible with the context. The final site plan should include a walkway to the sidewalk.

2. The block to receive new construction is characterized by Queen Anne cottages, one two-story Queen Anne house, and one Craftsman bungalow. The two-story, three-bay house is proportional to the dimensions of the 30' wide lot and the context of the block.

3. The proposed parking meets the Infill Housing zoning code and design guidelines, accessed from an operable alley and located to the rear of the house. Final site plan revisions may be necessary to meet City Engineering standards.

4. The proposed two-story, three-bay façade is more narrow than other houses on the block but proportional to the relatively narrow 30' wide lot. Overall, the house is comparable in scale to the context. The foundation should be confirmed to be compatible in height with other houses on the block.

5. The house features a 7'-4" deep front porch which extends the full length of the house, supported by evenly-spaced 8 by 8 square columns. The porch is compatible with the design of the house and the surrounding block.

6. Guidelines recommend window and door styles be similar, with similar proportions and ratio of solid to void, to historic houses on the block. All elevations have sufficient window proportions.

7. The proposed roof pitch, 7/12, meets the Infill Housing guidelines; the designs include eave overhangs and a dormer for additional roofline complexity.

8. Final horizontal siding materials should incorporate an overlap instead of Dutch lap or flush panel siding. The foundation should be clad in stucco or a parge coat instead of exposed CMU.

9. The final site plan should incorporate one native or naturalized shade tree in the front and rear yards.

10. The project also includes a new subdivision plat to create a legal lot of record to reflect the tax parcel. The subdivision plat meets the Infill Housing design guidelines as it recreates the original lot size.

Site Info

New primary residence fronting E. Oldham Avenue. Two-story residence features a side-gable roof (7/12 pitch), an exterior of horizontal siding, and a concrete block foundation. The house (18'-10" wide by 44' deep) features a 7'-4", full-length, shed-roof porch. Parking is located to the rear of the property and accessed from the alley.

The façade (south) features a full-length, shed-roof porch supported by 8 by 8 square columns, with paired double-hung windows followed by a Craftsman-style door with a transom. A shed-roof dormer with three adjoining windows is centered on the front roof slope. Right and left side elevations feature three first-story windows and two windows in the second-story gable field. The rear elevation features a secondary entry and two double-hung windows.

Project also includes a new subdivision plat to create a legal lot of record to correspond with the tax parcel, measuring approximately 33' wide fronting E. Oldham Ave and 150' deep.


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