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by the Planning Commission

APPROVE LI (Light Industrial)

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Property Information

North and south sides Callahan Dr., west of I-75 and east of Old Callahan Rd., and east and west side Keck Rd.

Commission District 6

137 acres

Northwest City

Currently on the Property
Residences and vacant land

Growth Plan
Urban Growth Area

Case Notes

Staff Recommendation
APPROVE LI (Light Industrial) zoning
LI zoning is one of the recommended zonings of the Callahan Dr./Schaad Rd. Corridor Study for this area. Rezoning these properties LI will allow the owners to develop or market them in a manner consistent with the adopted plan. This rezoning will also eliminate the Light Industrial side yard setback problem where properties are adjacent to residential or agricultural zoning by removing these zones from property fronting this section of Callahan Dr.
Disposition Summary
APPROVE LI (Light Industrial)

What's next?

After the Planning Commission
This General Rezoning case in the County was recommended for approval. The appeal deadline - February 9, 2002 has passed.

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