North City Sector Plan Amendment


Withdrawn by the Applicant

Withdraw this application per the applicant's request.

See case notes below


Property Info

Case Notes

Applicant Request


Property Information

2910 2912 & 3000 Greenway Dr.

South side of Greenway Drive due east of Nora Road

Council District 4

North City

Land Use Designation? MDR (Medium Density Residential)

Currently on the Property
Multifamily (four-plex) and single family residential on parcel 59PD011; a duplex on 59PD010

Growth Plan
Within City Limits?

Case Notes

Withdraw this application per the applicant's request.

The applicant is withdrawing this application and the related plan amendment cases (1-C-21-PA and 1-C-21-SP) and will reapply for a different zone with a new case number. Due to the number of revisions and changes to the application, planning staff wanted to ensure the request was well-defined and transparent. Staff received the withdrawal request on 1/25/2021.


Ronnie Welch