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Edgewood-Park City H: Level II


Staff Recommendation

Staff recommends approval of removal of the existing vinyl siding and installation of new siding, subject to the following conditions:
1) the applicant may choose to remove a section of existing vinyl siding to investigate the condition and design of the existing wood lap siding underneath; if wood lap siding is non-existent or deteriorated beyond repair, new vinyl siding may be applied in a 4" clapboard pattern. Final specs and additional information on trim, cornice returns, and other details should be submitted to staff for approval.
2) if intact wood siding is found below, staff recommends repair and replacement in-kind of the existing wood siding and trim elements

Applicant Request


Proposed removal of existing vinyl siding and installation of new vinyl siding.

Site Info

Queen Anne cottage, c.1900

One-story residence with a hipped roof with projecting gables, a turreted bay on the façade, and an exterior of vinyl siding.

1. 1730 Jefferson Avenue is a contributing resource to the Park City National Register Historic District and the local overlay. The house has several exterior modifications, including replacement windows, window trim, and a section of brick veneer on the façade. The vinyl siding is visible on Google Streetview imagery going back to 2007, and the siding was noted as synthetic in the 1990 National Register nomination.

2. The applicant has not completed investigatory removal of the existing vinyl siding. One photo from the rear elevation does show existing wood siding. The applicant has noted deterioration and rot on siding but no additional information is provided.

3. Both the adopted and the approved but not yet formally adopted sets of design guidelines for Edgewood-Park City encourage duplicating original siding. The older design guidelines note that replacement siding "shall duplicate the original," and the new design guidelines note that "existing vinyl may be replaced in-kind as long as no further architectural detailing is covered or removed."

4. The proposed vinyl specifications note that 4" "clapboard style" is an available type of vinyl siding.


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