Design Review Board

Oakwood/Lincoln Park Infill Housing Overlay District


Staff Recommendation

APPROVE Certificate 6-D-21-IH as submitted, with the condition that final site plan meet all City Engineering requirements.

Applicant Request

Driveways, parking pads, access point, garages or similar facilities

1. The proposed scope of work will remove a significant amount of concrete driveway from the property, replacing the concrete with pervious pavers.

2. The proposed project does not create a new curb cut or driveway. There is no alley on the property, and the house is located on a corner lot of two relatively busy streets. While the proposed parking area is towards the front of the house (on the right side), it replaces an existing parking area which located the cars in a similar location. The proposed landscaping, including Japanese maples, hydrangea, and holly bushes, will sufficiently screen the parking area from view from the right-of-way. The proposal also includes fencing which will reduce visibility of the new parking pad.

3. Several City Engineering requirements exist to be addressed via permitting, including removing the connection to the street and the sidewalk apron on the section of the driveway to be removed from Woodland Avenue, installing pavers on private property only, driveway apron modifications on W. Glenwood Ave, and notes related sidewalks. These items can be addressed on the final site plan for permitting.

Site Info

Modifications to an existing driveway and parking pad. Current driveway and parking extend off W. Glenwood Avenue and covers approximately 1,551 sq. ft. The driveway will be 10'-11" wide, extending off W. Glenwood Avenue in the same location as the existing, creating a new parking pad on the right (east) side elevation of the house which will measure approximately 24'-7" wide. An additional 12' wide section of driveway will extend towards the rear. The driveway will feature pervious pavers. The proposal includes landscape screening between the parking area and Glenwood Avenue.


Lori Nash and Ted Stank

Planning Staff
Lindsay Crockett
Phone: (865) 215-3795
528 W. Glenwood Ave.

Lori Nash and Ted Stank