Design Review Board

Lonsdale Infill Housing Overlay District


Applicant Request

New Primary Structure

1. The Design Review Board postponed the application at the July meeting in order to review the applicant's revised design and differentiation between the three adjoining new construction houses. The revised drawing features a front-gable roof, a front-gable roof porch on the left half of the facade, and square posts supported by brick piers.

2. The Infill Housing design guidelines note that "parking should not be in front yards." The block does not have an operable alley. Guidelines recommend that "on streets without alleys, parking should be at least 20' behind the front façade of the infill house with access limited to one lane between the street and the front façade." The previous review requested the site plan should be revised to meet design guidelines and City Engineering standards. Due to line of sight issues on a steep road and the topography of the sites, City Engineering will require the driveways to have turnaround areas immediately adjacent to the right-of-way, and access points be optimized to prevent sight distance areas. 3331 Johnston Street is required to have a driveway against the northern property line. Due to multiple constraints on the property, City Engineering requirements will supersede the Infill Guidelines in this case. Any minor modifications to the site plan should meet City Engineering requirements.

3. The proposed materials do meet the design guidelines; final selection of vinyl siding should be smooth-finished, straight lap siding with an overlap similar to historic wood siding, instead of Dutch lap siding or flush panels. The foundation should be clad in brick. The final drawings should incorporate a front door compatible with historic doors in the neighborhood.

4. Final site plans should incorporate one native or naturalized shade tree in the front and rear yards.

Site Info

New primary residence fronting Johnston Street. One-story, side-gable roof residence measures 30' wide by 40' long, with a 9' deep front porch centered on the façade (east). The parking is proposed as a 20' by 20' concrete parking pad in the front yard.

The application was postponed from the 7/20/22 meeting date to allow the applicant the opportunity to address condition of approval #6: "introduce differentiation in design between 3327, 3331, and 3335 Johnston Street." The revised proposal includes a front-gable roof house and a front-gable roof porch.

The one-story house features a 6/12 pitch, front-gable roof clad in asphalt shingles, an exterior of vinyl lap siding, and a CMU foundation. The house features a 23' wide, 9' deep front on the left half of the facade, with a hipped roof. The porch also features a square horizontal beam support, "accented to appear as timber beams," supported by two square 6 by 6 posts on brick piers. The façade (east) features an off-center door and two one-over-one windows. The left (south) elevation features three bays of one-over-one windows, with three bays of windows and a secondary entry on the right elevation. The revised rear elevation has one one-over-one window.


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