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Planning will consider non-confidential public information to be open by default and will proactively publish data and data-containing information, consistent with relevant public records law.

Greenways and Trails Greenways and multiuse trails in Knox County, including the Urban Wilderness trail system. REST Shapefile Geodatabase
Parks Public parks, open spaces and other recreation facilities in Knox County. REST Shapefile Geodatabase
Zoning Zoning map data for the City of Knoxville and Knox County, TN. REST Shapefile Geodatabase
Growth Policy Plan  Recommended Rural and Urban Growth Boundaries for Farragut and Knoxville REST Shapefile Geodatabase
Crash Analysis
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Bicycle, Pedestrian
and Life-Altering Traffic Crashes
Bicycle, pedestrian, and fatal or serious motor vehicle crashes in the Knoxville region, Oct. 2016 to Sept. 2021 REST Shapefile Geodatabase

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