City Land Use Classifications

Refer to the appropriate Sector Plan for land use classifications in Knox County.

City of Knoxville

Regional Commercial (C-R)

The C-R Regional Commercial Zoning District is intended to accommodate medium- to large-scale commercial development within the City of Knoxville that serves both local and regional markets. Such development may generate a considerable amount of traffic, and typically requires significant area for off- street parking. High-density residential uses are also permitted within the C-R District, to facilitate mixed-use development where appropriate. The C-R District is divided into two levels of intensity related to the overall form and design of the development; however, uses are the same across all levels.

City Zoning Districts
Location Criteria
Recommended Zoning By Growth Plan Area
One Year Plan Permitted Zones

General Commercial

This includes previously developed strip commercial corridors providing a wide range of retail and service- oriented uses. Such land use classification and related zoning should not be extended because of the adverse effects on

traffic-carrying capacity, safety and environmental impacts. Redevelopment of commercial corridors, including mixed use development, should be accommodated under planned or design-oriented zones.
  • Existing commercial areas
O, OP, C-G, C-H, C-R
O, OP, C-G, C-H, C-R

Mixed Use Regional Center

These are envisioned to be highest intensity mixed use centers. These districts should be served by sidewalk and transit systems and be located on a major arterial, adjacent to an Interstate highway or adjacent to downtown.

Downtown Knoxville?s Central Business District is a regional mixed use center.
  • Flat site (generally less than 10 percent slopes)
  • Currently served by or planned to be served by sidewalks
  • The location does not include auto and truck- oriented uses such as industrial, strip commercial and warehouse/distribution uses unless the proposal calls for a redevelopment of such areas
  • On a major arterial, adjacent to an interstate highway or adjacent to downtown
OP, C-G, C-H, C-R, DK
OP, C-G, C-H, C-R, DK

Regional Commercial

This land use includes retail and service-oriented development that meets the needs of residents across Knox County and surrounding areas.

Development typically exceeds 400,000 square feet; malls have been a typical form and ?life- style centers? (e.g. Turkey Creek) are examples of regional-oriented commercial uses. Regional commercial uses may also be considered in Regional Centers (see Mixed Use and Special Districts).
  • Flat sites (under 10 percent slope)
  • Locate near interstate interchanges with major arterial highway access
  • Water, sewer, natural gas utilities and stormwater systems should be capable of handling the development
  • Vehicular and pedestrian connections should be accommodated between components of the development
OP, C-H, C-R, I-MU
O, OP, C-H, C-R, I-MU