Gov. John Sevier Scenic Highway Corridor Study

This study developed policy recommendations to protect rich historic assets, rural character and scenic qualities of the corridor. The study was adopted in fall 2019. 

Adopted Study

In June of 2017, Commissioner Carson Dailey requested that the Knox County Commission approve a resolution (R-17-6-902) for Planning to undertake a study for managing the development along the John Sevier Scenic Highway Corridor.

A stakeholder committee met throughout the planning process. A list of those members and meeting documents can be found below. 


Stakeholder Committee

Stakeholder Meeting Materials

Committee Members

Committee Members

The stakeholder committee is currently comprised of the following participants:

  • Terry Barnwell
  • Mike Brown
  • Jim Buckenmyer
  • Carson Dailey
  • Art Dyer
  • Bob Dykes
  • Joyce Feld
  • John Gammon
  • Tim Graham
  • Buddy Gregory
  • Samantha Hickey
  • Mike Kidd
  • DJ Krahwinkel
  • Judy LaRose
  • Dr. Ted Lewis
  • Jan Loveday-Dickens
  • Mark Mugford
  • Jim Sturdavan
  • Bob Thompson

Stakeholder committee meetings were open to the public.


Project Timeline