June, 2020
Planning Commission
Meeting Information

Below is the monthly archive for the June 11, 2020, Planning Commission meeting, including the final agenda, case files, and all correspondence for each case.



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Agenda Updates
Updates to the June, 2020 meeting materials and/or the agenda itself were made available below.
Automatic Postponements / Withdrawals
Items listed on the current agenda that have been postponed until a future meeting.
Agenda Review Meeting
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Commissioners meet to discuss the items to be heard at the monthly meeting. Open to the public.
Requests for Postponements / Withdrawals / Tablings
Items requiring a vote of the Planning Commission to be postponed, withdrawn, or tabled during the meeting.

Actions from the June, 2020 meeting

3-SB-20-F Withdrawn

WITHDRAWN at the request of the applicant.

4-C-20-RZ Denied

Denied O (Office) zoning because it is not consistent with the North City Sector Plan designation and could cause adverse impacts for neighboring residential properties.

4-D-20-PA Denied

Denied the O (Office) designation since it does not meet the criteria for One Year Plan amendments and could cause adverse impacts for neighboring residential properties.

4-D-20-SP Denied

Denied the O (Office) designation since it does not meet the criteria for sector plan amendments and could cause adverse impacts for neighboring residential properties.

5-A-20-UR Approved

APPROVE the request for up to 189 detached dwellings on individual lots and a reduction of the peripheral setback to 30 ft, subject to 3 conditions.

5-D-20-OA Approved

Assign responsibilities for review of applications for IH Overlay District for conformance to the Heart of Knoxville Infill Housing Design Guidelines to the Design Review Board and add to the Board a non-rotating position for the East Tennessee Community Design Center, or their successor.

5-E-20-RZ Approved

Approved DK-E (Downtown Knoxville Edge Subdistrict) zoning because it is consistent with the Central City Sector Planís MU-SD, CC-1 (Mixed Use-Special District, Downtown North) designation.

5-H-20-RZ Withdrawn

Withdrew the request to rezone 710 Irwin Street per the applicant's request.

5-J-20-UR Approved

APPROVE the request for a garage apartment that is approximately 700 square feet on the two requested lots, subject to 6 conditions.

5-K-20-UR Approved

APPROVE the development plan for a memory care facility with up to 49 beds in a building with approximately 32,385 square feet, subject to the following 10 conditions.

5-SA-20-C Approved

APPROVE variances 1-3 because topographic constraints and site conditions restrict compliance with the Subdivision Regulations and will not create a traffic hazard. APPROVE alternate design standards 1-3 based on the recommendations of the Knox County Department of Engineering and Public Works. APPROVE the Concept Plan subject to 7 conditions.

6-A-20-OB Approved

The Executive Committee recommends approval of the FY 2021 Operating Budget for Knoxville-Knox County Planning.

6-A-20-PD No Action

This plan is being submitted under the Optional Concept Plan section of the Planned Development procedures. The Commission will not vote on this project but should provide feedback and comments for the applicant to use in further developing his plan.

6-A-20-RZ Denied

Denied AG (Agricultural) zoning because it is not consistent with the zone's stated intent, nor is it compatible with surrounding development.

6-A-20-SC Approved

Approved closure of the undeveloped right-of-way from Pelham Road to Nash Road on City Block 31050, subject to any required easements, since it is undeveloped, crosses into privately-owned lots, and staff has received no objections.

6-A-20-SP Approved

Adopt resolution #6-A-20-SP amending the North County Sector Plan to GC (General Commercial) because of changing conditions in the area warranting amendment of the land use plan per attached resolution, Exhibit A.

6-A-20-SU Approved

APPROVE the request for a two-family dwelling on the proposed lot, subject to 5 conditions.

6-B-20-RZ Approved

Approve CA (General Business) because the remnant agricultural zoned parcels are surrounded by commercial zoning, and the request is consistent with the sector plan as amended.

6-B-20-UR Approved

APPROVE the development plan for up to 3 houses on individual lots subject to 4 conditions.

6-C-20-RZ Approved

Approve PR (Planned Residential) zoning with up to 4 du/ac because it is consistent with the Southwest County Sector Planís Low Density Residential designation and is compatible with the surrounding development.

6-C-20-UR Withdrawn

WITHDRAW the proposed development plan as requested by the applicant.

6-D-20-RZ Denied

Deny C-H-1 (Highway Commercial) zoning district because higher-intensity commercial uses of a predominately auto-oriented character permitted by this zone district are not in line with the One Year Plan, South Sector Plan nor the Chapman Highway Implementation Plan.

6-D-20-UR Approved

APPROVE the development plan for the rural retreat with an event facility (pavilion building) with approximately 8,000 square feet for up to 300 guests and a maximum of 9 overnight accommodations, subject to 10 conditions.

6-E-20-UR Approved

APPROVE the request for an office building with approximately 43,900 square feet as shown on the development plan subject to 6 conditions:

6-F-20-UR Denied

DENY the request for a mining and mineral extraction operation, and the associated Mining Plan of Operations, because the use will have an adverse impact on the character of the neighborhood in which the site is located and significantly injure the value of adjacent property by noise, lights, fumes, odors, vibration, traffic congestion or other impacts which may detract from the immediate environment.

10-B-19-RZ Denied

Denied C-G zoning because it would allow commercial uses too intense to be located at an interior intersection at the entry of a stable, single-family neighborhood and would be incompatible with the adjacent single family residential zoning.