Assigning Interior Addresses

Buildings with apartments, offices (suites) and retail space have interior addresses as well as a street address.

When interior spaces are reconfigured in an existing commercial building, the existing addresses and/or suite numbers may be subject to change.

Obtaining Interior Addresses

To obtain interior addresses for new or existing buildings, detailed information must be submitted to the Addressing Department:

  • Site plan showing Parcel ID, property lines, street name(s), building location, and access to street.
  • Floor plan with suite or apartment layout for each floor, including entrance doors.
  • Unit matrix with number of floors and number of suites/apartments per floor.
  • Name of new/existing business for each suite.
  • Applicant information (name, phone, and email).

The Addressing staff will review the site plan to determine if any private drives in the development require a street name and any existing addresses need to be changed.  Allow 7 – business 10 days to receive certified addresses once a site and floor plan have been submitted.

Special Requirements for Interior Addresses

  • Addresses are assigned from low to high number and must be displayed on the door in the order assigned.
  • Alphabet characters such as A, B, C are not allowed for suites or apartments.
  • Partial numbers such as ½ are prohibited.

Fee for interior address assignments

A $150.00 fee is charged for assigning addresses in building with 25 or more interior addresses. There is no fee for buildings with fewer than 25 units.