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Population Estimates Program

The U.S. Census Bureau's Population Estimates Program shows the NUMBER of people who live in an area. Estimates of the population for the nation, states, counties, cities, and towns are generated annually. Data on births, deaths, and migration are used to calculate population change that has occurred since the most recent decennial census and produce a time series of estimates.

Use this information if you need yearly official estimates of total population.

Knoxville Region Population Estimates Program Data

Time coverage

  • Annual: 1980-2019

Geographic coverage

  • United States
  • Tennessee
  • Counties in Tennessee
  • Knoxville-Morristown-Sevierville combined statistical area
  • Knoxville metropolitan statistical area
  • Knox County, Knoxville, and Farragut

The Data

Total population figures for all geographic areas and all years of coverage are provided in an Excel (2013) spreadsheet below.

  1980-89 1990-99 2000-09 2010-20
United States, Tennessee, Tennessee counties PDF PDF PDF PDF
Knoxville-Morristown-Sevierville, CSA       PDF
Knoxville, MSA       PDF
Knox County, Knoxville, and Farragut PDF PDF PDF PDF

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